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Your Quality Hedgehog Breeder

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New babies are ready to go home with you today! CLICK HERE to see us! (Pics and info are posted & up to date!)

Our newest babies are ready to go home with you today!  CLICK HERE to see our newest arrivals!

We are breeding again! If you would like a chance to get in on the next litter, click here to send a $50 deposit to secure your spot on the waiting list. The faster you send your deposit, the better the place in line you'll get to choose before others! (filling up fast)

Don't see a hedgehog that steals your heart?... are you looking for a particular color?... or maybe a male vs. female?... well I have good news!... we are breeding again! (and even taking color requests!)

Keep scrolling for more info, specials, and fun links below!​​

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Meet Ace! Take him home with you today!!

CLICK HERE to secure ACE with a $50 deposit

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Check out our hedgie contestants Olive & Pepper as they compete to win us 10,000K on MrBeast.

Unfortunately, Pepper was the first to be out, and Olive was close to winning, but go beat at the last minute! We all still had a blast anyways. Thank you to Mr. Beast and his team!

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All posted hedgehogs for sale are ready to go home with you today!!     (unless otherwise noted)


         (ends 8/1/24):

With the purchase of a basic habitat, we will give you $50 OFF any hedgehog!

(click here to view habitats !!)

New hedgehog owner? No problem!! We send everyone home with a complementary “goodie bag" of print outs that include everything you'll need to know on how to care for your new hedgie. (it also includes info on what to expect during the transition phase to a new home, bonding techniques, current diet information & how to transition to new food (if that's something you want or plan to do).

Not only does our personalized, take-home bag include important & helpful care tips, but we also include a starter bag of food & treats, a favorite toy, and a hedgehog color sheet.

We also include a free, custom-printed, laminated birth certificate! It consists of your new baby’s chosen name, sex, birthday, and hedgehog breed.  

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We have all aged hedgehogs for sale, including older hedgies (contact to check for availability) who are tamed and trained!! 

(between the ages 6 mths- 1 year)

All of our older hedgehogs come litter box trained! ​But don't worry, we begin the litter training process of all our baby hedgies from day 1!

Click here for info on hedgehog care

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Please fill out the form below and leave your name and preferred way for us to contact you!!

Don’t hesitate to reach out (via website, email, call, or text) with any questions, or to tell us about the hedgie you are hoping for. All baby hedgehogs start at $250 for males and $300 for females (this is because litters are mostly males and if you are looking to get more than one baby hedgehog, you can keep females together in the same habitat, males usually end up fighting so they should have their own space) Pricing has nothing to do with temperament!! Males and females are equally loving! Prices may vary depending on color and sex. We are now taking $50, non-refundable deposits to secure your baby. 

(Get quickest response via text to business line 336-502-QUIL))

For an even faster response you may contact 336-338-4449 or 336-830-5036. Please text only these 2 numbers!! You can call or text business line!! (336-502-QUIL) 

We are located in Kernersville, NC
Serving the NC triad & more! By
Greensboro / Winston-Salem / Kernersville / Oak Ridge

+1 (336) 502-QUIL

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