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Going out of town and need someone to watch you hedgie? We will do it for you!! Read below for more details!

Pricing-$15/night + $5 for half days

We will take the best of care of your hedgehog while you are gone. We send pictures and updates to keep you informed.  
You can bring your own cage/habitat, food, toys, etc.., if you want but it’s not required.
We provide a large bin habitat, which includes all the necessities (hide hut, bedding, ceramic heat lamp set-up, toys, large running wheel,food and water). All you have to do is bring your hedgehog to drop off and pick up!! 
We get him/her out each day for play time and provide mealworms for snacks. We have a large playpen that we let them play in each day. 
While you’re on vacation, so is your hedgehog!!  
Contact us if you have any questions or want to book a date for us to take the best of care of your hedgie!!

Boarding information : Boarding information
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