Olive is our female hedgie who is such a good and loving mother. Temperament Is very important when getting a hedgehog and I have never met one quite like her. She loves to be held and play. As her babies grow, I see more and more of their personalities match their mommy’s. 



Bear is a beautiful male hedgie who gets compliments everyday on his looks. I have had multiple people ask if they can have him. He is such a gentleman and his favorite thing to do is cuddle up with Olive and sleep. He is shy but has a sweet and loving temperament. He loves to have his belly and face rubbed!



Pepper is our newest mommy. She is shy but very sweet. She had her first litter of babies recently and it has been a joy to watch her grow into an amazing mother and love her new babies so well!



Polar is a beautiful solid white albino male. He got the name “Polar” because he is HUGE and looks like a big white polar bear. Polar is also a new parent. He had his first litter with Pepper. Like Pepper, he is shy, but once he gets to know you, he loves to play and hates to be put back in his cage!