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Please fill out the form below and leave your name and preferred way for us to contact you!!

Don’t hesitate to reach out (via website, email, call, or text) with any questions, or to tell us about the hedgie you are hoping for. All baby hedgehogs start at $250 for males and $300 for females (this is because litters are mostly males and if you are looking to get more than one baby hedgehog, you can keep females together in the same habitat, males usually end up fighting so they should have their own space) Pricing has nothing to do with temperament!! Males and females are equally loving! Prices may vary depending on color and sex. We are now taking $50, non-refundable deposits to secure your baby. 

(Get quickest response via text to business line 336-502-QUIL))

For an even faster response you may contact 336-338-4449 or 336-830-5036. Please text only these 2 numbers!! You can call or text business line!! (336-502-QUIL) 

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We are located in Kernersville, NC
Serving the NC triad & more! By
Greensboro / Winston-Salem / Kernersville / Oak Ridge


+1 (336) 502-QUIL

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